AkelPad 4.9

AkelPad is an open source editor for plain text with advanced features

AkelPad is a new and a versatile alternative to the typical Notepad included by default in Windows. This interesting program could be installed as a replacement for Notepad or as a new installation. AkelPad brings interesting and practical improvements specially designed to help you in your documents editing.

But, what new does AkelPad bring? The same Notepad functions are built-in in this program, and besides, AkelPad includes new features like:
- You can view and edit your documents in single window mode (SDI), or multi window mode. It means that you can have two or more documents opened in the same window, or if you want, open each one in different windows.
- Preview file open. When you are going to open a file, you will be able to have a preview view of the document before opening it.
- You can change any selected text to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case (capitalize first letter of a sentence), Title Case (capitalize each first letter of a word in a sentence) and iNVERT cASE.
- You can change font styles and colors of any text.
- You will be able to apply functions like: read only, watch file change, save file time, do not open a file twice.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • It brings new functionalities compared to the default Notepad in Windows


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